It's all about engagement marketing! Billed as “true social network currency,” dNeero compensates bloggers for their time and access to their social network — but their opinions expressed are theirs, to be shared virally via posting in their social plane. dNeero is an innovative platform offering marketers the essential tools needed to harness social media communications and ignite substantive peer-to-peer conversations ...

kLogs (Knowledge Logs)
Jump into this Web 2.0 technology and capture your business as it progresses. Reger.com brings you the newest iteration of knowledge logging tools - an application that helps businesses / crisis management teams / academic institutions / government organizations capture, organize, share, visualize, analyze, collaborate, and learn through multi-tiered avenues ...

Online surveys answer "What do they think?"
frogfire develops and runs online opinion / personnel surveys for GlaxoSmithKline, Airbus, Staples, Hitachi, ...

2020 is frogfire's 24th birthday
frogfire DIGITAL has been around for twenty-four years, creating success for clients like Motorola, TBS, Equifax, Synovus Financial, Senn Delaney, T-Mobile, Vehicle Controls, and the Department of Defense.

Web technologies

What we do.
  • Develop, conduct, analyze, and report for online opinion / employee surveys.
  • Develop and field Web 2.0 applications.
  • Create enterprise portals.

    Social Media.
    frogfire is an incubating lab for social media services. Developer of
  • dNeero, which is true social network currency that provides engagement, buzz, and viral power all at the same time
  • dataBlogging
  • knowledgeLogs
  • myThredz
  • Traaak
  • WhoCelebsTweet
  • buzzTrendz

    – all platforms that bring quantitative functionality and analysis into an enhanced qualitative social tool.

    You don't just get people working on your dreams.
    Our methodology combines the best of Web technologies with the best of enterprise consulting while avoiding the pitfalls of each. We wrap the people we place on your projects with the following support:
    • Process support including project management
    • Experience support from a network of people who have done the job many times
    • Strategy support so that your goals are kept in focus through to implementation
    • Budget support so that team managers understand their resource constraints

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